Premier Equine Sautiller Synthetic Close Contact Jump Saddle -Medium Gullet


Premier Equine Sautiller Synthetic Close Contact Jump Saddle -Medium Gullet 

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Premier Equine Sautiller Synthetic Close Contact Jump Saddle -Medium Gullet

  • Introducing the Sautiller Close Contact Synthetic Jump Saddle – engineered for show jumping.
  • The Sautiller Close Contact Jump Saddle is crafted from supple synthetic materials creating the appearance of traditional leather with much less maintenance.
  • The saddle is supported by a polypropylene co-polymer tree: highly durable, with exceptional crack resistance and superior lightweight properties – lightening the load on your horse’s topline.
  • The tree is classically shaped, built with an “A” shaped head and minimal curvature creating a flatter seat and a closer feel of connection to the horse through the rider’s seat.
  • The panels are consciously flocked with synthetic fibre wool offering balanced pressure distribution and allowing unrestricted, free movement for the horse below the saddle.
  • The knee and thigh blocks on this saddle are easily customisable; attached via Velcro for tailored positioning to suit the rider.
  • Forward cut in design, this saddle is engineered with show jumping in mind.
  • Below the saddle flap are three leather girth straps which allow for effective girthing – covered with a billet guard protection panel to safeguard the flap from excessive wear.


  • We understand that various factors can affect your horse such as health, fitness, exercise regime, age and condition. These factors may contribute to changes in shape of your horse meaning that you may need to reassess the fit of your saddle.
  • Our PE Interchangeable Gullet System allows for quick and easy customisation of the fit of the saddle, without the additional cost of a new saddle.
  • Premier Equine offer a size range of PE Interchangeable Gullets which can help with customising the fit of your saddle.
  • We advise the purchase of the PE Gullet Gauge to provide you with a guide to the best size PE Gullet for selection and use in your Premier Equine saddle.


  • Remove dirt and debris from the surface by wiping down your synthetic saddle with a damp cloth. We recommend using only a pH neutral detergent diluted in water if required for cleaning your saddle.
  • Wipe over with a clean damp cloth or sponge and remove any remaining pH neutral detergent from your synthetic saddle.
  • Clean your leather girth straps with a pH neutral detergent only, ensuring not to over saturate them*
  • Wipe over your leather girth straps with a clean cloth or sponge, removing any excess pH neutral detergent.
  • Apply a good quality leather conditioning balm to your leather girth straps ensuring not to over saturate them*
  • Allow to dry out of direct sunlight in a well ventilated area.
  • Do not expose to excess water or pH neutral detergents.
  • Ensure that any cloth or sponge used is rung out of any excess water or pH neutral detergent before applying this to your saddle.
  • Your saddle should never have excess water on the surface.


  • Outer synthetic leather.
  • Synthetic fibre wool flocking.
  • Polypropylene copolymer tree.
  • Leather girth straps.
  • Stainless steel hardware.


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Black, Brown


16.5 inches, 17 inches, 17.5 inches

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