Premier Equine Interchangeable Gullet System


Premier Equine Interchangeable Gullet System

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Premier Equine Interchangeable Gullet System

  • Interchangeable Gullets can be purchased individually to allow for alteration of the fit of your PE saddle quickly and easily.
  • We advise the purchase of the PE Gullet Gauge to give you a guide to the correct sized gullet for your horse for use in your Premier Equine saddle.

How to change your PE interchangeable gullet:

Step 1: Un-screw the two screws positioned under the skirt of the saddle in the gullet area.
Step 2: Place hands at the front of the panel and pull down. This will free the tree end points from the panel pockets.
Step 3: Open the Velcro closure over the gullet bar.
Step 4: Un-screw the two screws positioned at either side of the gullet bar to free it from the saddle tree.
Step 5: You can then change the gullet bar to your required size*, slowly tightening the screws at both ends until the gullet takes its place properly. Make sure that the holes are lined up and the screws are secure.
Step 6: Refit the tree points into the panel pockets by manipulating them into position and close the Velcro closure to cover the gullet.

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