Premier Equine Invorio 5 Point Breastplate


Premier Equine Invorio 5 Point Breastplate

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Premier Equine Invorio 5 Point Breastplate

  • 5 point breastplates are used by eventers and jumpers worldwide for maximum saddle security.
  • With attachments to the D-Rings, girth straps and the girth itself (between the horse’s legs) this breastplate is specifically designed to keep your saddle in the right place no matter what discipline you are taking part in.
  • Crafted from sumptuously soft Italian leather for high durability and suppleness from the very first use.
  • Super strong, elasticated straps have been used high up near the horses shoulder to help decrease restriction and both the shoulder points and the chest pad are padded with luxurious wool for extra comfort.
  • Removable running martingale/neck straps can be used to help keep your horses head at a controllable height.
  • Two D-rings have been stitched on to the chest strap so that the martingale piece can be lowered or training aids can be attached.
  • Finished with premium stainless steel buckles, clips and fixtures.
  • The Invorio is the perfect breastplate for riders who require total peace of mind that their saddle will always be in prime position.

Why use horse breastplates?

  • Breastplates are commonly used to help keep your saddle in the correct place and prevent it from slipping back.
  • They distribute pressure evenly over the withers and chest causing minimal discomfort for your horse.
  • This breastplate has removable running martingale/neck straps which can be threaded through the reins and used to help prevent your horse from raising its head too much.


  • To maximise the life span of your breastplate and to help prevent staining, we highly recommend a leather care routine after each use.

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Size - Horse

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