Premier Equine Rosello Bib Martingale


Premier Equine Rosello Bib Martingale

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Premier Equine Rosello Bib Martingale

  • The Rosello Bib Martingale is made from luxury Italian leather, which is known for its high quality, durability and suppleness.
  • It can be easily fitted to the horse and adjusted around the shoulder and girth in order to achieve an ideal fit.
  • The neck straps on this martingale are joined with leather forming what is known as a ‘bib’, this helps keep the riders reins together and also stops the horse reaching back and grabbing the neck straps.

Why use a bib martingale?

  • A bib martingale works in the same way as a classic running martingale.
  • The addition of a bib keeps the reins closer together and also prevents the horse from getting the neck straps in its mouth.
  • It can be used to help prevent a horse from raising its head above a point where it can be controlled.
  • When the horse raises its head too high the martingale applies leverage through the reins to the bit, encouraging the horses head downwards.


  • To maximise the life span of your martingale and to help prevent staining, we highly recommend a leather care routine after each use.

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Size - Horse

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