Premier Equine Full Cheek Waterford Bit


Premier Equine Full Cheek Waterford Bit

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  • Please note, for reasons of health and hygiene this bit is non returnable if removed from the template.
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Premier Equine Full Cheek Waterford Bit

  • Full cheeks are useful for green horses or young horses as they can help with steering.
  • Shanks on the bit create a positive action against the horse’s cheeks when asked to turn.
  • The full cheek design also prevents the bit being dragged through the horse’s mouth.
  • The Waterford mouthpiece is comprised of a series of ball shaped links, making it completely movable in all directions.
  • This is particularly popular for combating issues such as leaning, taking hold of the bit and jaw setting.
  • When the horse tries to take hold of the bit the mouthpiece collapses, leaving the horse with nothing rigid to take hold of.
  • The mouthpiece works to distribute pressure over the tongue and bars of the mouth.
  • Coupled with full cheeks, this bit is a good choice for a stronger horse who still needs guidance with steering.
  • Should be worn 1/4″ – 1/2″ wider than standard to work effectively.

Stainless Steel Horse Bits

  • Stainless steel is the most commonly used material for horse bits as it is durable, easy to clean and does not rust.
  • Some of our stainless steel bits feature copper mouthpieces which help to create a warming sensation and encourage the horse to salivate and accept the bit.
  • Stainless steel bits are suitable for a wide range of horses and are available in many designs so that you can choose the right bit for your horse and discipline.

Technical Details

  • Full cheeks.
  • Stainless steel Waterford mouthpiece comprised of moving ball links.
  • Can help combat problems such as leaning, taking hold of the bit and jaw setting.
  • Ideally used by experienced riders.
  • Bit strength: Moderate.
  • This is NOT BD Legal.


  • As per our size guide the A & B measurements of this bit are as follows:  A=18mm, B=165mm.
  • The C measurement is taken between the first chain links at either end. It does not correspond to the full length of the mouthpiece.
  • Needs to be fitted 1/4″ – 1/2″ wider than standard.


  • To promote good hygiene and protect the longevity of your horse bit we recommend the following care regimen after every use.
  • Rinse your bit after every use under a tap to remove any saliva or debris on the surface.
  • Use a soft sponge or cloth to wipe any excess debris off of the bit, paying particular attention to joins and hinges.
  • Leave to dry naturally.

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