Equilibrium Products Tri-Zone Open Fronted Tendon Boots


Equilibrium Products Tri-Zone Open Fronted Tendon Boots

  • Offers the ultimate combination of style and protection in a lightweight, breathable and flexible boot. Cushioned EVA lining, tough strike guard and internal protection to protect vulnerable tendons.


Equilibrium Products Tri-Zone Open Fronted Tendon Boots

  • The Equilibrium Tri-Zone Open Fronted Tendon Boots flexibly mould to your horses leg, without restricting movement and are so light and breathable your horse won’t realise he’s wearing them.
  • Safety tested in an independent laboratory.
  • Breathable to reduce heat.
  • Doesn’t restrict movement, flexible and moulds to horses leg.
  • Lightweight.
  • Doesn’t hold water.
  • Five-layer protection system.
  • Matches perfectly with the Tri-Zone Fetlock Boots.
  • Sold in pairs.
  • BS legal.


  • The first layer is provides a inner lining that sits against the horses’ leg. Made from perforated EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate), the liner sits comfortably against the leg. The perforations allow heat to escape and aids breathability, while the flexibility of the material allows it to mould to the horses’ leg.
  • Layer two is a strong nylon mesh. This adds another layer of protection to the boots, but also stops any debris making its way into the boot towards your horses’ leg.
  • Layer three is the internal guard made from vinyl – a string, durable and moisture resistant material. This layer is placed over the vulnerable tendon area and is made with strips of material to allow it to mould around the horses leg. This allows the horse to move freely without the feeling of a ‘splint’.
  • The fourth layer is a EVA waffle. Commonly used in the soles of human shoes and as padding on sports equipment, this material is durable, breathable, and protective! We’ve made sure it’s easy to clean and maintain too!
  • Finally, layer five includes strategically placed vinyl strike guards. These are placed down the vulnerable tendon area for maximum protection.

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