Equilibrium Products Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots


Equilibrium Products Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots

  • Tested, hard-wearing over reach boots for horses, specifically designed for jumping and galloping.


Equilibrium Products Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots

  • Have a horse that’s prone to over reaching on the cross country course, or loves to remove shoes in the field?
  • The Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots are a popular tack room staple for many riders to help prevent strike injuries caused by over reaching.
  • The carefully designed shape of this innovative boot minimizes the risk of an accident resulting from the horse treading on the boot.
  • Shaped for the perfect fit with a super tough strike guard to protect the heel area and an anti-spin heel button.
  • Carefully designed with an anti-spin heel button.
  • Great protection for high impact sports or during turnout.
  • Tough PU Kevlar type strike guard heel strike pad.
  • Hardwearing, waterproof and rot-proof.
  • Easy to wash, easy to wear.


  • With our Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots, we ensure that protection is where it’s most needed.
  • Made from a PU Kevlar type strike guard at the heel allows for concentrated protection, without being too bulky or heavy for your horse.
  • Featuring a EVA foam inner layer, this shock absorbing layer aids in preventing further injury if your horse was to knock himself, due to its tough and flexible properties.
  • The outer layer is made from a ballistic PU Nylon, which is both hard-wearing, waterproof and even rot-proof, providing not only a long-lasting boot, but long-lasting protection for your horse!


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