EqWax No-Rinse Warming Wash For Horses


EqWax No-Rinse Warming Wash For Horses

  • A warming no-rinse natural horse wash with soothing, warming and anti-microbial ingredients.

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EqWax No-Rinse Warming Wash For Horses

  • Great for after exercise washdowns and also hot clothing (particularly at clipping time).
  • Includes natural coconut cleansers.
  • Contains arnica and ginger to soothe muscular pain and reduce swelling.
  • Contains cinnamon which is warming and has anti-fungal properties.
  • Contains clove which has anti-microbial properties.
  • Contains sweet orange which smells amazing and is said to reduce stress and anxiety and be insecticidal.
  • Removes sweat marks, grass stains, mud and dirt without having to rinse afterwards.
  • Great for after-exercise washdowns.
  • Can also be used for hot-clothing.
  • Ideal for horses who dislike being hosed.

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