EqWax Mud Barrier


EqWax Mud Barrier 

  • A soft, easy-to-apply Mud Barrier balm for horses that protects equine legs against wet, muddy conditions.

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EqWax Mud Barrier 

  • Our Mud Barrier balm is a game-changer for equine muddy leg problems!
  • This is a soft balm – almost gel-like – for ease of application and minimal waste.
  •  Apply with the fingers to clean dry legs to form a protective barrier against mud.
  •  Mud wipes off with dry cloth after turnout, so no washing required.
  •  Benefits from the anti-microbial properties of Neem and Tea Tree Oil, but with no ‘Neemy’ smell!
  •  Harnesses the moisturising and waterproofing properties of beeswax and coconut oil to keep skin in great condition.
  •  “Sticks to legs so mud won’t”
  • Neutral, translucent colour (because no-one wants bright pink or green stains on their horses’ legs!)
  • Supplied in a plastic-free 250ml container.

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