EcoRider Ecosoft Acclaim Bridle


EcoRider Ecosoft Acclaim Bridle 

  • This elegant bridle is further enhanced by the soft padded browband with silver crystal inlay.
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EcoRider Ecosoft Acclaim Bridle 

  • Super soft comfort & control in a sculpted eco bridle.
  • With a supple anatomic headpiece made from the softest eco leather with cutaway for the sensitive lower ear.
  • The flash strap is integrated into the curved noseband helping to alleviate pressure on the sensitive nasal bones and keeps the noseband in the correct position.
  • The noseband curves up into the cheekpiece, relieving the cheekbone and providing more space for the bit ring.

Eco Leather

  • The vegetable tanning process results in leather with a distinct appearance and unmatched durability.
  • One of the best features of vegetable-tanned leather is that it develops a patina over time with prolonged use and exposure to the environment.
  • Due to the gentle processes involving several weeks of treatment, the vegetable-tanned leather has a much longer life than chrome-tanned leather.
  • It is breathable and products manufactured using this leather get more comfortable the longer you use them.




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