Tech Innova Riding Aria Safety Stirrups -Black/Dark Wood


Tech Innova Riding Aria Safety Stirrups -Black/Dark Wood

  • Innova Riding’s concept of sustainability. This ethos resulted in the creation of the Aria, a totally plastic-free stirrup engineered from sustainable wood and aluminium.

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Tech Innova Riding Aria Safety Stirrups -Black/Dark Wood

  • The Tech Innova Riding Aria Safety Stirrups are an innovative design that blend performance with safety and style, equipped with a side arm that opens when pressure is applied, allowing the foot to be released in case of a fall.
  • This helps to prevent the rider from being dragged due to their foot being stuck in the stirrup.
  • The arm automatically returns to it’s closed position when no pressure is against it.
  • Innova Riding’s concept of sustainability is about making sure that what we create today will have no negative consequences on present and future generations’ possibility to live harmoniously on this planet.
  • Wood is a modern, resistant and renewable material, so is a great alternative to traditional plastics.
  • These materials are exceptionally high quality to deliver maximum resistance and durability in all conditions.
  • The slip-resistant wooden pad footbed ensures maximum adherence to the rider’s boot, providing excellent stability so that the rider always feels safe and comfortable, and the stirrups are specially designed to help the rider find their best balance while riding.
  • Not only is the combination of natural wood tones and machined aluminium functional and eco-friendly, it also gives the Aria sleek, attractive look, making them ideal to pair with your existing tack.

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