Solar Technology Hubi Work 64


Solar Technology Hubi Work 64

  • The Hubi Work 64 is the best choice for a single 64 sqm area or multiple areas giving up to six hours light per night.

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Solar Technology Hubi Work 64

  • The award winning Hubi Work 64 range is a high efficient lighting and power system designed specifically for stables, agricultural buildings, workshops, summer houses and any outdoor building without power.
  • The Hubi Work 64 is the best choice for a single 64 sqm area or multiple areas giving up to six hours light per night.
  • The lithium battery pack in Hubi Work 64 is 5 times more powerful than the Hubi Work 16 and this enables it to power higher energy devices such as 12v TVs, laptops and computers etc.
  • This unit will deliver up to 6 hours of lighting each night and in addition has 2 USB power outputs for charging smart phones, mobiles phones, iPads etc.
  • It  also has a 12v auto socket for running heavier duty appliances such as fans.
  • This solar unit pack is a great solution for the equine world where mains power can be limited.
  • Mucking out in the dark could be a thing of the past with a solar unit to provide you with the lighting you need where mains power is not an option.
  • This unit can also be used in your horse lorry when away competing.
  • You can again use it run a 12v TV, charge your phones and laptops and use it as a additional power/light source.
  • If you wish to add to the system to increase the number of lighting units, an expansion kit can be added at any time.
  • The Hubi Work 64  uses a highly efficient solar panel to generate its renewable power which is fixed to a wall or celling using the supplied bracket.
  • A cable runs from the solar panel and connects into the back of the hub.
  • The hubi can be sat on a shelf, hidden under a manger or fixed to a wall using the optional bracket supplied.
  • A 5m cable plugs into the front of the hubi which then connects into the LED light unit.
  • Installation time is around 10 minutes and is completely safe.
  • There is no need for complex wiring or specialist tools.


  • 10wp solar panel with 2.5m of cable from panel to hub.
  • Solar panel brackets and fixings.
  • Hubi Work 10,000 mAH/12v lithium battery pack with 2 12v lighting jack.
  • 4x 300 lumen LED strips or bulbs.
  • 1x 5m cable from hub to strip.
  • 3×2.5m cables to interconnect each strip together.
  • Cable fittings.
  • User manual.

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