Premier Equine Studs for Soft/Deep Ground


Premier Equine Studs for Soft/Deep Ground

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Premier Equine Studs for Soft/Deep Ground

  • The studs simply screw into a preformed hole within your horse’s shoe made by your farrier.
  • All of our studs require a preformed hole of 3/8” Whitworth standard thread.
  • One size -Set of 4.

How to Apply the Stud

  • Before applying the stud it is important to ensure the preformed hole is clear of debris.
  • It may be helpful to use a stud tap to help clear away any excess dirt.
  • Start by screwing the inner stud, turning it clockwise using your fingers, ensuring the thread of the stud neck enters the hole evenly.
  • Once the stud base is in contact with the shoe we recommend using a spanner and giving the stud a final quarter turn to secure in place.

Safety Note

  • You should always consult your farrier and vet before fitting studs.
  • Damaged studs should always be removed immediately.
  • We advise that studs should be removed immediately after riding.
  • Studs should be introduced to your horse slowly and not used for prolonged periods to ensure your horse becomes used to the altered traction given.


  • Your stud kit should contain a variety of different shaped studs to suit your horse’s needs, a stud tap to clean the thread in the stud hole before use, an adjustable spanner and stud plugs.
  • Stud holes should always be plugged when not in use to prevent stones and debris from entering or damaging the hole.
  • We advise that you check your stud holes the day before a competition to ensure the threads on the shoe are intact and the studs will apply correctly.
  • After use, ensure you clean and store your studs in a dry place.
  • We advise the use of stud plugs to ensure the preformed hole remains clear of debris.




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