Premier Equine Nano-Tec Infrared Boot Wrap Liners


Premier Equine Nano-Tec Infrared Boot Wrap Liners

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Premier Equine Nano-Tec Infrared Boot Wrap Liners

  • Nano-Tec Infrared Boot Wrap Liners have been developed to help re-energise and maximise your horse’s athletic performance potential.
  • Infrared liners can help flush away toxins, reduce lactic acid build up, increase flexion range and decrease recovery time.
  • Velcro strips at the rear of the liners allow them to be easily attached inside our Infrared Boot Wraps, Magnet Boot Wraps or Stable Boot Wraps.
  • They can also be used independently and secured with bandages.
  • The effectiveness of this product is significantly increased when used by horses that are in regular training.
  • Reversible Red/Black.

Infrared Boot Liners – The Technology…

  • Nano nylon filaments containing minerals are fused within the fabric fibres.
  • The minerals reflect heat and energy lost from the horse back into the body in the form of infrared heat radiation.
  • The infrared heat opens blood vessels deep in the muscle tissue increasing circulation.
  • The increased blood circulation in the tissues eases muscle tension and fortifies the body’s own ability to reduce swelling, heal injuries and speed up recovery time.

How long do you use infrared boot liners for?

  • Use half an hour to one hour per day for the first week and gradually build up to four hours a day for optimum treatment.
  • Can be left on for up to twelve hours.

Why use infrared boot liners?  

  • Maximises athletic performance potential – Energises.
  • Heightens strength – Improves circulation – Eases muscle tension.
  • Reduces lactic acid levels – Increases alertness.
  • Improves flexion range & muscle reaction time – Reduces toxin levels.
  • Aids arthritis symptoms – Prevents chills – Reduces pain.
  • Quickens recovery time & much, much more…

Warning do not use on the following:

  • Open wounds,
  • During pregnancy (ladies).
  • Mares in foal.
  • If symptoms persist call your vet.

Technical Details

  • Soft cotton liners feature Nano-Tec infrared lining.
  • Moisture wicking.
  • Sold in pairs.
  • The Nano-Tec Infrared Boot Wrap Liners comes inside a complimentary, reusable zip-fastened storage bag.


  • Machine washable (30°).
  • Dry naturally (Infrared technology lasts the lifetime of the product)
  • Inner: 100% Nylon.
  • Outer: 80% Cotton.
  • 20% Polyester.


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