Omega Equine Biotin Extra 2Kg


Omega Equine Biotin Extra 2Kg

  • Omega Biotin Extra provides nutritional support for the maintenance of Healthy Hooves.


Omega Equine Biotin Extra 2Kg

  • Omega Biotin Extra with MSM, Methionine, Zinc, Calcium & Omega 3.
  • Targeting cracked and damaged hooves for happier horses.
  • Keeping hooves healthy is an important part of looking after your horse. However, some horses are prone to cracked and brittle hooves which can have trouble holding shoes or break easily. These are hard to manage for both animal and owner; however, help can be given with a Biotin supplement.
  • Biotin is a water-soluble B Vitamin which mammals are incapable of synthesising on their own. It occurs in high concentrations in alfalfa, yet the amount absorbed from feed seems to vary between horses.
  • When hooves become dry, damaged and split, a biotin supplement promotes and maintains the growth of healthy new hoof. While this is the main reason for feeding a biotin supplement, a happy consequence is also an improved coat, mane and tail.
  • Omega Equine’s Biotin Extra supplement contains several additional nutrients and minerals. Methionine helps optimise the consumption of biotin, while MSN, Zinc, Calcium and Omega 3 further support healthy hoof, hair, bone and muscle growth.
  • Just four scoops per day gives a horse 15.5mg of biotin, helping achieve healthy, happy hooves. Try it and give your horse a well-deserved spring in their step.

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