NAF PROFEET Farrier Dressing Natural


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NAF PROFEET Farrier Dressing Natural

  • An easy to apply dressing, whatever the weather.
  • Great for use on yards, in a handy bucket container to transport from area to area where convenient.
  • Ideal to apply daily, to complete the tacking up process, before turnout, during stabled periods or whenever deemed appropriate.
  • Formulated by farriers for every hoof.
  • Ideal for maintaining sound hooves, encouraging growth and healthy horn all year round.
  • Recommended for those with poor hoof quality or when ridden days are lost due to the aged old saying, ‘No foot, No horse.’
  • A hoof dressing rich in emollients providing a nourishing blend high in stearic, oleic and other fatty acids.
  • Expertly blended to enable deep penetration into the horn and help prevent premature cracking and drying, as well as protecting the hoof capsule from the outside in.
  • Ultimately helping to defend the hoof from waterborne infectious threats.
  • A farrier’s aid when nailing on.
  • Helps form a natural barrier making it difficult for unwanted bacteria to travel up the hoof wall and create an anaerobic environment.
  • PROFEET Farrier Dressing gives farriers hooves to work with and helps each horse stamp out bad feet.

Available in a larger size to cater for yards.

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900g, 2.5lt

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