Global Herbs Hoof 1kg


 Global Herbs Hoof 1kg

  • Hoof is made from special plant material that contains natural Biotin and Methionine within the very plants themselves.

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Global Herbs Hoof 1kg

  • Global Herbs Hoof is taken from plants that grow on the open African and Asian Savannah lands that horses love.
  • A fast & effective treatment for poor quality hooves that need new horn growing quick.
  • The mix uses the highest specification of biotin, zinc & methionine which have been proven to boost the growth & health of hooves.
  • Intensively if you are not happy about your horses foot condition and need good nutrition to make a difference (it takes 9 months to grow new hooves!)
  • Routine use for maintenance.
  • GlobalVite is recommended to help improve absorption.
  • For young stock to make sure they grow up correctly.


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