Finer Equine HelmetConnect


Finer Equine HelmetConnect

  • Make and receive calls while in the saddle to your trainer, your family or other riders in your group.



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Finer Equine HelmetConnect

  • The world’s first removable Bluetooth headphones for your riding helmet.
  • Make and receive calls while in the saddle to your trainer, your family or other riders in your group.
  • Listen to music and train Dressage to Music without your earphones falling out again.
  • Perfect for cross country training and large arenas, HelmetConnect has no restriction on range.
  • Easily removed before competition and compatible with Android, iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • Also suitable for most cycling helmets, mountain climbing helmets, skateboarding, ice hockey and cricket helmets.

HelmetConnect Uses

  • Trainer to rider (2 way)
  • Rider to rider (2 way)
  • Cross country training – at speed with no range restrictions
  • Warm up training – easily removed before entering the competition arena/course
  • Dressage to music
  • Listen to music
  • Parent to child riding
  • Riding at speed – hear other riders without wind disturbance (in built wind muff)
  • Racehorse/fitness training
  • Group riding – conference calls (polo, beach riding, etc)
  • Ideal for solo riders – Siri compatibility allows hands free calling in the event of a fall
  • Listen to training apps
  • No more losing Air Pods while riding
  • Trainers can be hands free – simply connect their own phone to their own earphones/car. Perfect for building courses and doing jumps while teaching in large spaces.

HelmetConnect Features

  • Inbuilt speaker and microphone
  • Compatible with Siri
  • Inbuilt 3d air mesh wind muff
  • Attaches to a 3-point harness
  • Designed for the left ear (can be worn on the right)
  • Designed for one ear only to aid situational awareness
  • Magnetic poppers for easy removal
  • Outer control panel for easy volume control and call answering
  • Weather resistant
  • Lightweight (43gms)
  • 12 month warranty
  • 8hr battery life
  • Recharges in 3hrs
  • Washable (remove battery from pouch before hand washing)
  • Designed in UK by equestrians, for equestrians

How to Wear HelmetConnect

  • Put HelmetConnect on your harness before putting your helmet on.
  • HelmetConnect is designed to be worn on the left ear, but can be worn on the right ear if needed. The curve of the device should sit in the curve of your helmet.
  • Ensure helmet chin strap is correctly done up (this will pull the device against your ear properly).
  • HelmetConnect should sit on the inside of your harness.

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