Equilibrium Products Bucket Cosi


Equilibrium Products Bucket Cosi

  • A superior insulated horse feed bucket cover that prevents feed freezing and stops rats, mice or birds getting at your horses’ food.


Equilibrium Products Bucket Cosi

  • Making your horses feed up in advance saves you time when you need it, plus your horse will enjoy knowing he doesn’t have to wait for his breakfast or dinner whilst you make it up.
  • By using the Equilibrium Bucket Cosi it ensures your horses’ feed doesn’t keep the local rats and mice well fed, plus it helps prevent freezing.
  • A useful addition to any feed room, stable or yard!


  • Tough and durable.
  • Helps prevent horse feed from freezing overnight when left outside stables or in cold feed rooms.
  • Helps prevent rodents and other pests getting inside the feed bucket.
  • Space to personalise each cover with horses’ names or feed descriptions.
  • Available in purple, blue, red and pink.
  • Fits a wide range of bucket sizes.

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Blue, Pink, Purple, Red

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