Equilibrium Products Equi-Chaps -Stable


Equilibrium Products Equi-Chaps -Stable

  • A quick alternative to bandages, these stable boots are designed to keep horses’ legs clean, warm and comfortable.


Equilibrium Products Equi-Chaps -Stable

  • Help to keep joints warm and to help maintain circulation.
  • Ideal for older horses or those with limited turnout or on box rest.
  • Outer coating repels shavings, straw, dust and dirt.
  • Completely encases the lower leg to help protect from scuffs and grazes, covering the coronet band and bulbs of the heel.
  • The inner liner is made from a soft fabric which is particularly useful when the horse has come in from the field cold and wet or after exercise.
  • It also ensures that the horse remains comfortable when left in the Stable Chaps overnight.
  • Comes with one-year product guarantee.


  • For maximum coverage and protection, the Stable Chaps extend from below the knee/hock all the way down to the coronet band.
  • The outer fabric is smooth which helps to repel shavings, straw, dust and dirt and is easy to clean and wash.

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