Build Your Own Charles Owen -My Ayr8®

  • Design the helmet of your dreams with this fully customised helmet, with all of the features that set the Ayr8® Plus apart, including a removable and washable headband.
  • The My Ayr8® allows you to design your own bespoke look. There are tens of thousands of possible combinations to create!
  • This low profile helmet features 12 centrally located front and rear ventilation slots covered in a smart breathable mesh.
  • The side panels can be covered in microfibre suede or vegan leather and the helmet features a vegan leather-look GRpx® harness.
  • Our patented GRpx® technology harness offers superior fit and security with self-adjusting cups that lock onto the occipital bone located at the base of the skull, so that it cannot shift and alter the area of protection, offering unsurpassed stability and comfort.
  • Heat reflective paint for the centre panel is available in gold or silver.
  • It is available in regular and round fit, and additional colours and bespoke options are available for a custom price and delivery on request.


If you have any questions on customising your My Ayr8, please contact us.


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