Audevard ConfidenceEQ Stick 1 x 5ml


  • When faced with an unusual situation, a horse can react out of fear.
  • It is possible to modify this behaviour through training.
  • Reassuring a horse in this situation makes it possible to optimise its
    abilities in order to more easily reach the established goal.

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Audevard ConfidenceEQ Stick 1 x 5ml

Please note the price is for one packet not 10 as shown in the image.


  • The unique formula of CONFIDENCE EQ makes it possible to
    encourage a horse’s concentration and ability to learn. CONFIDENCE
    EQ is particularly recommended in new or unusual temporary situations (during transport, dental treatment, clipping, at competitions, etc.) in order to help reassure the horse.


  • CONFIDENCE EQ contains a synthetic version of equine appeasing pheromone (EAP). The natural version of this pheromone is secreted by the mare a few hours after she gives birth to reassure the foal and help
    it become familiar with the external world.

Daily allowance

  • The gel has to be administered when the horse is calm and quiet, about 30 minutes before the stressful event will take place.
  • One single-dose packet = 1 application.
    – Open the single-dose packet and squeeze the gel onto your fingers.
    – Apply the gel at the base of the horse’s nostrils.
    – Reapply every 2 – 2.5 hours if necessary.


  • Synthetic equine appeasing pheromone: 1%
  • Excipient QS 5 ml

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